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Investment Advice

You may already be contributing to pensions, or perhaps they aren’t appropriate for you. You do want to build funds for the medium to long term though (i.e. 5 years+) and want investment advice and assistance to ensure you are investing in a tax and cost efficient way.

The starting point is to consider your objectives and discuss this in conjunction with the investment risk and tolerance appropriate to you. We have a questionnaire to help with this process and will ask you to complete it when you meet us.

There are endless options out there and we help clients by recommending the appropriate product, and by providing advice regarding the suitable underlying investment option – sometimes this later part is outsourced to a discretionary investment manager.

Example products include Stocks and Shares ISAs, Onshore and Offshore Bonds, Investment Funds.

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Or click to read Chris’s story – investing a lump sum

For further information or to discuss your own investment needs, please call us on 01789 263257 for an initial discussion.

Case Study

Chris had inherited a lump sum that he wanted to invest appropriately and efficiently to help secure his and his family’s future. 

Here’s what we did for Chris……

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