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Pre-Retirement Planning

Just starting out

You aren’t really sure how much you should be contributing, or even if pensions are the best place for you but you are starting to think seriously about funding for retirement, after all, the state pension alone is not going to keep you in the lifestyle that you have become accustomed to.

You ideally want a clear plan, but what you need to do now to get on the right track? We help you create this plan specifically for your needs, and then we work with you on a regular basis to ensure the plan remains appropriate.

Building on your existing Pensions

You have already built up some substantial pension funds towards retirement and now need clear direction on continuing to build the funds, ensuring you make the best use of the allowances and investment options available.

We will help you understand whether your current plan is still appropriate and what should now be done to move things forward.

For help with any aspect of your retirement planning, please call us on 01789 263257 for an initial discussion.

Case Study

Sarah was reaching retirement and with several pensions accumulated, she wanted to ensure her benefits were drawn and maximised as efficiently as possible.   Here’s how we helped Sarah…

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